Oct 9, 2015

The time regained
a photography project

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When I graduated in 2006, my degree dissertation was about the documentary value of photography,
and how much a picture’s meaning could be changed by our editing choices.

In a few words, by editing a pictures, by placing it side by side with an other one, by choosing some words instead of others for its caption, we change its context, and the story it tells.

You can easily imagine how different points of view can describe the same situation in so many different ways, they are all “real”, they can all be true. It’s all in our eyes, It’s all in our imaginative and creative power. It’s all in the way we decide to look at the world around us. Photography, in this sense, has always been an impressive form of expression.

Chiara Albanesi, a photography project on Instagram

Mr Eisenstein – I fell in love at first sight with his editing theory

That’s the concept at the basis of the project I’m starting on my Instagram account.
I’m going to alternatively publish a picture from the present and a picture from the past. I have a collection of them, some from my family’s archive, some bought at flea markets.

The aim is to build a sort of dialogue with different era, different lifestyles and, above all, different use of photography, weaving together life and moments.

Well, let’s start: #thetimeregainedproject

Yes, I wanna see this on Instagram!

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